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10 tips to increase the range of your electric bike

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Increase range of electric bike

Do you want to increase the range of your electric bike? Or to know the most effective tips to preserve your electric bike battery life? The most effective are the most obvious but there are others we hope will help you increase the range of your electric bike of a few kilometers/miles.

  1. Let's start with the obvious ones. Make sure your battery is fully charged. This is obvious but effective.
  2. Pedal strong when it’s important. Riding uphill and starting after stops consume a lot of energy from your battery. If you want to go further, then pedal a little harder uphill and when you start.
  3. Take care of your battery. Electric bicycle batteries do not like the cold and heat, it is best to leave them in a room at room temperature when not in use.
  4. Keep your chain well oiled. Let the bike stand for about 5 minutes after having oiled the chain and wipe off the excess.
  5. If your trips are long, think about acquiring a second battery charger to leave at work that you can recharge there. This will allow you to have a full battery for each trip.
  6. Keep the right pressure in your tires. This is underrated but has a great effect on battery consumption. So it is better to properly inflate tires.
  7. Replace your old battery. If you use your electric bike for a few years it’s possible that your battery has lost capacity.
  8. Equip yourself with second battery that you can carry in a backpack, a side bag or a basket on your ebike to double the range of your electric bike.
  9. Enjoy a slow ride. This will reduce wind resistance and consume your battery more slowly.
  10. If you do not use your electric bike in the winter, store your battery charged and recharge it regularly (every 1-2 months). Do not let your battery charge more than 24 hours unless you have a built-in charge stop on the charger.

We hope those tips will help you to increase your range! It’s always nice to know that you have a few extra kilometers/miles of range in case you need to do a detour from your original itinerary.


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