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E-LUX Newport Electric Beach Cruiser Matt Black

Are you someone who is serious about riding on an electric beach cruiser, and wants the best of the best? Something that won’t break down on you and prove to have very low-quality parts? If so, then you’ll want to check out the luxurious E-LUX Newport Step Through Luxury Electric Beach Cruiser bike. Manufactured by E-LUX, there are a ton of features of this electric beach cruiser, including a vast color range to choose from and benefit from. Features of this bike include the following:

  • Capable of riding uphill with ease
  • Able to ride upwards of 30 miles on a single charge
  • Reaches a top speed of 20 miles per hour
  • Environmentally friendly – no fumes or toxins in the air
  • Simple recharging capabilities
  • Cost efficient versus a car
  • 3 different drive types and power modes

The Breakdown of the Features

If you haven’t jumped and impulse purchased this luxurious electric beach cruiser already, you’re most likely going to upon hearing of all the juicy features. Some of the primary benefits and functions of this electric beach cruiser include various types of power modes and drive types, which allows for the ease of use for riding up hills, reaching top speeds of 20 miles per hour, as well as being cost efficient in terms of vehicles. In comparison to a car, you save around .45 per mile MINIMUM, all while not releasing fumes into air through emissions and emanations. The electric power assistance ensures that those who normally have trouble on bikes (especially uphill) can use this bike with ease. Beyond this, you won’t have to worry about super long or difficult recharges, as you’re able to recharge simply, and with the push of a cord/touch of a button. For those that aren’t tall and have trouble with their legs, you’re able to step through the frame of the bike easily to get on and ride within seconds! Getting up to 30 miles on a single charge, you also don’t have to worry about recharging every single time you pull back up to your house. The three power modes of the bike include eco, power, and normal, with the drive types being throttle, pedal assist, or both at once!

It’s important to note that you’re also able to drive this on your own without any assistance if you’re feeling up to the task of bike riding. Those that are capable are able to switch the assistance off and drive with ease and as normal.

The First Impression of the E-LUX Electric Beach Cruiser

The initial impression of the electric beach cruiser was that it was sleek and stunning. With a durable looking frame, and an array of bold (and neutral) colors to choose from, I was stunned at the architecture that is provided. It doesn't look like your average electric beach cruiser bicycle, as it looks amplified and sleeker – more technologically advanced; in fact, it is! With how many benefits run rampant with this electric bicycle, I thought that there's no way I'd regret such a purchase. I am also happy to report that I'm not displeased by any means! A fantastic electric beach cruiser that's in the class 2 e-bike class, with an on demand throttle, you’ll be able to reap many benefits, including saving on gas and eliminating the possibility of toxins within the environment around you!

The Advantages of the E-LUX Electric Beach Cruiser

Boasting quite a few advantages, we think this electric beach cruiser takes the cake in this very active market. As the world of fitness collides with convenience, you’re able to go more places than you would normally, without footing an insurance bill and maintenance charges for your car. Beyond this, you’ll save quite a bit per mile using an electric bike. In comparison, it costs around 0.05 to run this electric bike (and we’re looking mostly at recharging rates because of electricity) versus 0.50 for a car per mile – gas. With that being said, the car portion fluctuates much higher depending on the cost of gas, which makes an electric bike reign supreme. The battery is very easy to recharge, and is a Samsung 48 Volt 10AH lithium-ion battery, meaning you don’t have to go to great lengths in order to charge this bike.

Another advantage of this product is that you don’t have to use the driving assistance if you don’t want to. You’re able to get your fitness on and ride this bike as normal if you want to burn some extra calories. If you want assistance and don’t feel like putting your all into the ride that day, you can also do that!

The Disadvantages of the E-LUX Electric Beach Cruiser

The disadvantage we’re going to talk about may be both an advantage and disadvantage – dependent on who you are. For starters, this electric beach cruiser is heavy. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of strength and wants to use this bike, you may want to toy around with it first before taking it out on the street, ensuring you’ll be able to use it properly; however, being heavy, it’s also extremely durable. Even those in their 60’s are able to ride this with ease, as the heaviness is distributed throughout the frame.

What About the Warranties?

 There are a few various warranties on this electric beach cruiser, some of which include the following: a 3-year limited warranty on the battery, a 3-year warranty on the frame itself, and a 1-year warranty on the motor of the bike. With each catering to a specific portion of the bike, you're going to get the care you need, instead of being scammed into an "umbrella" warranty that doesn't truly cover anything.

The Final Verdict

Overall, we think this electric beach cruiser is fabulous – not because it’s luxurious, but because of the features it boasts and ease of use for a variety of people. Whether you’re someone who doesn’t have that great of bones, and your joints may ache, or you’re someone who is young, fresh, and ready to go – you’ll all be able to use this bike as if it were a care – simple to use and much easier to maintain. Oh, and did we mention it’s MUCH cheaper to take care of this electric beach cruiser and operate it versus a car?

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