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Friendly User Manual for your electric bike!

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Discover our user manual designed to bring you all the advice needed to use your new electric bicycle. When you get a new bike, it's normal to have questions about how to use it. When it is an electric bike, it's even more normal to have questions; when do I recharge the battery? How to use assistance? You will find many answers in this manual!

1 - The pedaling assistance

What is assisted pedaling?

The bike has an electric pedaling assistance. There is an electric motor that helps your own efforts and allows you to go further and faster for less fatigue. The operation of the pedaling assistance depends on the speed of rotation of the pedals and the speed of the bike. If you do not pedal, the engine is idle. When started, the assistance provided by the motor increases and allows you to go faster.

On & Off

Depending on your Ebike, you can select different
pedal assist modes from "I want only a small assistance" to "give me a lot of power". Using the buttons, you can increase or decrease the power of the motor. You can put the pedal assist off with the control panel to use the bike as a normal bicycle. Remember that when you use maximum assistance, the battery will drain faster than when it is on low!

What you should know about the pedal assist

With the
powerful assistance you will achieve easily higher speeds than those you are used to. First make a test in a low traffic area to get used to your new bike.

  • When the pedal assist is off, the bike offers very little extra resistance. You can always use the bicycle as a regular bike, even without battery.


  • When the pedal assist is activated, bike startup is different than a normal bike. You will leave more easily. Do not be surprised by the support and get used there first before rolling in the middle of heavy traffic. We recommend using the assistance mode #1 to start.


  • The pedaling assistance depends on the force exerted on the pedals. The more you give power, the more assistance you will get.

  • The bike's range of action depends. Reported values were measured in average conditions. The main factors are: the weight of the rider, driving speed, the hills, tire pressure, wind, the number of gear changes and braking (in town) and the outdoor temperature. When temperatures are very low, the range decrease. Keep this in mind.

Extra tips!

  • When you start, remember that the pedal assist will strengthen your effort. Moderate your enthusiasm to start.
  • Disable the assistance when you get off bike. Never walk beside the bicycle when assistance is activated.
  • Hold both brakes when you stop and the assistance is activated.

2 - The Battery Autonomy

The total distance you can travel with your electric bike without recharging the battery is called the range. No doubt you want to know the number of miles or kilometers you can go with a full battery. Unfortunately this is hard to say. The range, as the capacity of the battery is influenced by many factors.

The factors i
nfluencing the radius of action:

  • The total weight (bike + rider weight + load)
  • The resistance (wind speed, tire pressure, speed, condition
  • road surface and hills)
  • The level of pedal assistance
  • Your driving (timely gear changes and driving speed)
  • The outdoor temperature
  • Age of the battery (the battery capacity decreases as it ages)


How to remove the battery?

The ebikes usually come with keys. It allows you to lock the battery or disconnect the bike.
To unlock the battery: Insert the key into the lock and turn it. Then, remove the battery from it's rack.

Extra tip!

  • Remove the key after replacing the battery to prevent the loss of the key and / or possible theft.

How to charge the battery?

This is simple, just use the included charger to charge the battery
. You can perform the charging both on the bike and off. The battery charging point is usually covered with a plastic cap to slide. When the battery is fully charged, there is a indicator that changes color.

Extra tips!

  • Unplug the charger when the battery is charged. This will avoid shortening the life of the battery.
  • The failure to use the battery for an extended period may cause irreparable damage. Be sure to recharge the battery every 3 months for half an hour.
  • If you do not use the bike for a long time, we advise you to remove the battery.
  • Use the battery charger in a dry and well-ventilated area.
  • The battery charger is not resistant to moisture and / or impact caused by falling.
  • When the battery is completely empty, you should charge it immediately. The cells that remain empty for a long time can suffer irreparable damage.

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