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Maintenance of an Electric Bicycle

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We recommend you regularly check your bike. It makes sense to do an initial maintenance in the first 3 months and the second after 1 year. Know that regular monitoring can prevent unnecessary damage in the long term and thus a lot of unnecessary costs!

Of course, you can do some simple actions to keep your bike as long as possible in excellent condition. You will find some tips in the following paragraphs.

General maintenance

  1. Check the pressure and tire profile
  2. Check brake wear, perform adjustment when necessary (braking noise when the brake lever is not applied)
  3. Clean the bike with a sponge and warm water in case the bike is really dirty
  4. Grease the chain
  5. In case of a hit in the wheel, get it fix immediately by a dealer. (The wheel can be bent and cause other problems if not repaired)


You can clean your bike by first removing the dirt with a brush and then washing it with hot water. Your bike will be as good as new. Cleaning of regularly your bike improves it's lifetime. Be careful not to use too much water in the area of the battery. 

Extra tip!
Never use a pressure washer!


In addition to regular cleaning, it is wise to treat certain parts directly after cleaning. We thus recommend to grease the chrome parts unpainted aluminum and stainless steel parts with acid-free vaseline to prevent oxidation (rust). Rotating parts require grease / oil. It is recommended to regularly lubricate the chain, sprockets and shafts. Your dealer can do this for you.

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