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Riding a bicycle, electric or not, ride safely!

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Riding a bike, whether electric or not, is not always obvious. Some hesitate also to choose the bike for commuting for security issues.

To reduce risk and protect yourself from accidents, here are few rules and tips to move safely every day.

Do you wear a helmet?



Check your equipment and bike

When you ride a bike, it's important that you are confident in the equipment. It is best to do a quick check of those things before riding a bike:

  • Front and rear brakes are working
  • Tire pressure is correct
  • Front and rear wheels are well fixed (if quick release)

In the list below, you will find the equipment we recommend:

  • An helmet can save your head!
  • The yellow vest is not mandatory, however, it is smart to wear one. It becomes even more useful at night when visibility is poor.
  • Bicycle bell
  • Headlight
  • Tail light
  • A U-Lock for your bike
  • Bicycle gloves

You can also add a safety distance spacer to protect you vehicles tend to pass cyclists too closely. The helmet is only strongly recommended equipment, for maximum safety.

Before first use of your electric bike, pay attention to the settings of your saddle, your handlebars, etc. to maximize your comfort and move safely.

Ride your bike safely

Once you are properly equipped, and you can start to conquer the world by bicycle!

On the road, you will still need to take care and observe safety precautions to protect yourself from the dangers of traffic. Above all, respect the Highway code! it is a basic rule for safety.

If you just bought a new bike, learn to master it before going on long trips.

Also remember to identify and adapt your itinery based on storage facilities for bicycles. Bike paths are much safer and enable you to enjoy your journey on two wheels.

Some more tips to follow:

  • Ride on the right side without being too close to parked cars or shoulder
  • Allow a sufficient distance between you and other vehicles, particularly in case of rain
  • Be visible and do not watch for trucks and buses that stop visibility

By following these tips, you can enjoy riding an electric bike safely!


-Nicolas with the Ebike Catalog Team


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