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The bicycle, a faster way to lose weight than walking

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A study in the UK relate that the use of bicycles to get around is a more effective way than walking to lose weight. The bicycle can also reduce the time needed to get to your destination, while acquiring good health.

Fat person
A study on obesity
In order to offer a new effective way to lose weight to individuals subject to obesity, scientists from the London School of Hygiene undertook a comparison of the effects of different modes of transport on the physical. The car, public transport, walking, and especially the bike were the focus of the studies carried on 72,999 male individuals and 83 667 females, being in the age group 40 to 60 years old.
Whether to go to work, shopping or for a walk, the use of a means of transport is essential. However, when it comes to study their health benefits, cycling, including Electric bikes, wins first place. Here is the evidence in numbers.
Two transport classes studied
In this experiment, individuals were classified according to the type of transportation they use every day. The passive transport group includes 64% men and 61% women. These individuals are those who travel by car, or via public transport.
That active transportation concerns 23% and 24% of male and female subjects. They prefer walking and cycling. These types of transportation are called active as they are requesting an apparent physical effort.

The results on the Body Mass Index or BMI
Once the period of testing was over, researchers have begun comparing the BMI of all the individuals who participated in the test. It was concluded that the fat percentage among men in the first group is 2.75% higher compared to individuals moving actively. The same is effective in women, but the difference is 3.26% between the two groups, the active group is always lower.

Those who use the bike are displayed as obtaining the lowest BMI among all individuals tested. Bicycle use makes it possible to stay fit.
Comparing the weight of individuals reinforces this same theory. In fact, subjects using the bike on average 5 kg less compared to those who prefer the car and public transport. Using a bike can thus represent a good way to lose weight.

Body mass index
What about walking?
Regarding walking, its benefits are also great. Even if you are using a car to go to your workplace, it is quite possible to take some steps throughout the day. Choose the stairs instead of the elevator is a good start to exercise every day, or to decide to walk instead of using the subway.

In short, the active transportation is preferred when it is desired to be in shape or lose a few kilos. Cycling is preferred while walking can be done throughout the day. Electric bikes provide a fun experience while giving the users the opportunity to choose the level of assistance they want according to their fitness level.


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