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The Energy Efficiency of an E Bike Versus Car

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The Energy Efficiency of an E Bike Versus Car

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Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular as the price of owning and running a car fluctuates immensely. Not only this, but the cost of using one against the environment isn't as great as we'd like to believe. With global warming, energy efficiency in our daily lives is becoming more of a common thought, and many products for sale are now geared towards energy efficiency. In fact, you won't find many light bulbs or other products that don't boast about energy efficiency and only some car commercials do – because most of the cars advertised today are NOT energy efficiency by any means. In this article, we'll discuss the efficiency of an electric bike against a normal car.

Energy Efficiency of an E Bike Versus Cars

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In a society that's almost entirely consumer based, those that don't do their research and just purchase a car because they need one are primarily the culprits when it comes to the impact on the environment. Those that don't think of their actions don't understand how they're involving themselves in the waste and environmental impact of owning a car. You may be wondering how an electric bike works versus a normal car, and what the difference may be.

E-bike versus traditional: An electric bike typically is able to go a set amount of miles per hour. Beyond this, you can use these to get from point a to point b much easier than a traditional bike. Those that are commuting within the city and want a step up from a traditional bike may find solace in an electric bicycle. There are no components on the electric bicycle that are to be fueled by gas, making them automatically that much more efficient than cars. In short, electric bikes are those that have a drive system that's electric within the structure. There's a motor and a battery, much like a car, but without the need of fuel, as you can charge it up like a phone when you're not using! There are also some electric bikes that are charge up through pedaling of sorts. There's a throttle within the handlebar for some, too.

Now, let’s get to the differences that make an electric bike reign supreme over a traditional bike. For starters:

  • Health problems: For those that have health problems but want to get a little bit of exercise, an electric bike may be the way to go for you. If you still have traveling to do and don’t want your health to limit you, but you can’t afford a full-out real car, an electric bike may solve a plethora of issues for you. Have knee, ankle, or back problems? Electric bikes are a great option to lessen the stress and impact on your body.
  • Anti-hill: If you’re someone who is entirely anti-hill, or live in a city with a ton of hills (Like San Francisco or Fall River), then you’re going to want an electric bike to help pull you up that hill. Because of the boost that’s electric pushing you up the hill, traveling around the city will be a breeze for you.
  • Distance: With a traditional bike, you have to bike every manually. If you have to travel far distances (whether 20 minutes or 2 hours), you’ll be able to do so on an electric bike without even breaking a sweat. Not only will it save you on health-related issues, but you’ll be able to save time, as you won’t need to stop and take a breather as you ride your bike.

How Purchasing an Energy Efficient Bike Works

There aren’t really any special ways to purchase an electric bike, and you can buy them as easily as you buy a traditional bike. Because they are put together in a similar fashion using similar components to a traditional bike, you don’t have to find a specialty place 30 miles away to purchase. In fact, you can purchase them online at your convenience with ease!

  • How much do I need to get started?

While you may have to have a decent amount up front to purchase an electric bike, this varies entirely on the company you’re purchasing through. You can be expecting to spend a handful of hundreds on a decent electric bike, but those that want to get the very most out of their electric bike may spend well over a thousand for the purchase. We can’t give you a set amount for this, but we can give you a general idea of how much it costs to operate an electric bike versus an electric car.

  • How much money can I save?

Let’s discuss the bike versus car operation costs. When you spend the same amount on an electric bike that you do a car, and compare the costs, you’ll see that you save much more when you buy a worthwhile electric bike. In fact, with an average electric bike, you’ll be getting 20 miles on a single charge that costs around .15 cents (maximum) of electricity to “fill”. Now, typically, a decent car that gets great mileage (which is surprisingly few and far between in today’s world of vehicles), you can expect a gallon to cost an average of $2 and get 30 miles on the gallon.

Now, you may be thinking "30 is more than 20!" Which is right, but you're only getting ten more miles, but you're spending $1.85 more. With the aforementioned being stated, you're spending far less on an electric bike as you are in a conventional car. Beyond this, the repair and maintenance costs for an electric bike is MUCH cheaper than your standard vehicle, as bike battery replacement costs and thousands of charges cost less than a replacement battery and a couple hundred tanks of gas.

The Final Verdict

When all is said and done, the cost of owning and operating a car is much more than an electric bike that’s going to be more energy efficiency. Wouldn’t you want to take the opportunity to save money while saving the world?

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