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What are the advantages of an electric bicycle?

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The advantages of an electric bicycle

In 2014, it sold around 270 000 electric bikes in the USA, a figure that is experiencing a steady growth for the las ten years. The benefits of those electric bikes are necessarily responsible for this amazing growth.


The health benefits

The only difference between a conventional bicycle and an electric bike is that it reduces the effort required by the rider in difficult portions as the slopes for example. As a relax activity, the use of an ebike is a great way to be fit physically. Such as walking, use a city bike like the X-Treme Kona, that run on electricity for city trips prevents many diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many other.


The Ebike: an ecological movement

Unlike cars and other motor vehicles, electric bicycle consumes very little energy. It is approximately the equivalent of a liter of gas consumed per 100 km traveled. The carbon dioxide emission rate is zero. Certainly the ebikes can be relatively expensive to buy, but the return on investment is quick if used regularly. Moreover, it does not emit any noise, which is a considerable advantage in terms of driving comfort.


Tips for choosing your electric bike

To choose your ebike, certain criteria such as the price has to be taken into account. If one wants to invest in a sustainable model, he/she will avoid the cheapest models available in the market around 600$, and prefer those between 1000$ and 2500$. Before passing through the checkout, also check that the bike weight is not a show stopper for future use. Also, look up the battery, it is advisable to opt for lithium since they are lighter and the last technology. They require very little maintenance.

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-Nicolas with the Ebike Catalog Team

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