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Manufactured by X-Treme, this lengthy title for a mountain bike boasts many features. Whether you’re well-versed in electric bikes or not, you’ll probably already have a decent budget set in place if you’re ready to purchase one! Virtually a car on a much smaller scale, the electric X-TREME SIERRATRAILS bicycle has quite the attractive features. Some of which include the following:


  • Various color options
  • Warranty included
  • Electric aspect
  • Step through
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Pedal Assist
  • Twist throttle


The Breakdown of the Features

Being a step-through bike, you don’t have to worry about tripping or falling as you’re getting on or off. Beyond this, the aforementioned is cable to go up to 20 miles per hour, and go at full speed on one charge. Being so cost efficient, having a car will be virtually useless for you, as it only costs a nickel to run the bike per mile, compared to two full quarters for a car. The ability to recharge the battery with ease is one of the selling points, as it shouldn’t be hard to re- “fuel” your battery! We love that it’s so environmentally friendly, and features a fantastic step-through design for those to get on the bike much easier. The pedal assist allows you to relax and enjoy your ride, while the padded seat allows your ride to be that much more comfortable. If you want a bike that has optimal safety for stopping, you’ll enjoy the inclusion of front and rear brakes within this system. For aesthetic purposes, you can get this in a couple of basic colors, which include aluminum silver, and of course, black!


The First Impression of the Product

I’m not going to lie, at first, I thought the bike was a little pricey. I didn’t get into the electric bikes initially because I saw no use; however, after having a long way to go from work, and not having a car, I almost felt it necessary. After researching and setting aside a budget, I knew that this was the perfect choice to make, and the price was nice, considering what’s offered. Not only was I pleased about the construction of the bike, as well as the aesthetics, I was also happy about the warranty inclusion, so that I wouldn’t feel I’m being scammed. Also, if anything were to happen, the company would have my back. Beyond this, there are quite a few attractive features that come equipped with this machine, allowing me to feel (and know) that I got the most out of my money.


Included within this bike is pedal assist for those who want total electric control over this bicycle, a twist throttle as if they’re riding a real motorcycle, and the ability to go upwards of 20 miles per hour. Those that are interested in the power behind this bike will be happy to know it’s a bike that you charge, and you can get 20 miles out of this bike on one full charge. Now, according to calculations, at max speed, you can ride this for one hour and then plug in! You can ride up hills no problem, which is something I need considering where I live! If you want effortless riding like I do, you’ll love the electric power assistance. I would most definitely recommend this bike to someone who has the budget and was in need of an electric bike.


The Advantages of the Product

Our favorite advantage of the aforementioned XTREME electric bicycle includes the pedal assist functionality, which ensures safe assisting and auto control so that you can ride effortlessly if you wish. For those that have a bike for health reasons, you can switch off if you need to, or only switch to the electric aspect during serious hills that you aren’t quite ready for. Maybe you don’t have a car and the electric aspect can drive you further than a normal bike – either way, the electric aspect and pedal assist are two points that drive it home and market the bicycle well. Another advantage of this bike is that the bike comes ready to ride as soon as you get it, so you may try it out as you wish!


It doesn’t hurt to mention that the battery pack is removable for those that need to replace, and the lead acid batteries are sealed to ensure safety. The circuit involved is a 24volt, 15AMP circuit, and each battery is approximately 12 amps total. There are both front and rear breaks for those interested!


The Disadvantages of the Product

There aren’t too many disadvantages of this product, as the frame is perfect, the distance per charge is actually fantastic, and because it’s perfect for male and females to ride. One of the disadvantages that could be seen is that the frame has a weight limit of 350lbs. total. Beyond this, the actual bike with the battery pack installed comes to 65 pounds.


If you live on the third floor, this may not be the best choice (unless you love arm day at the gym!) The aforementioned is also very easily stored, so it’s not a complete disadvantage. If you want something with a longer warranty than 90 days on the actual bike (not the battery pack – as that’s 6 full months), you may want to look elsewhere for the perfect electric bike; however, we don’t think that’s a true disadvantage that should deter you from purchasing.


The Warranty on the Product

Thankfully, there is a warranty on this product for those who are a little more nervous about dropping so much money. There is a 90-day warranty, but also a battery warranty that lasts 6 full months.


The Final Verdict

Overall, for what you receive, the price point of this bicycle is great, and the craftsmanship of this bike puts this product far ahead of the competition. Whether you want to use pedaling only, a twist throttle, or full pedal assistance, you can cater your ride to your needs without disadvantages of any kind.


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