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RMB EZ swap battery case


RMB EZ swap battery case is designed for use with the RMB Multi-Point. Comes with keys and external charge cord. No worries about down time!  Just swap and go! The RMB EZ swap battery case is a must for anyone on the go!  Warehouse,  Scooter rentals, RV owners, Marathon scooter riders- this feature allows your Multi-Point to be on the go without waiting 6-8 hours for your scooter to charge.  Charge the drained pack while you drive on the fresh one.  

The EZ swap battery case is a must when needing to lift your scooter- just remove battery pack and reduce scooter weight by almost half.  Batteries not included. 

You will need the battery box if you intend on swapping the pack out while charging the other.

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