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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do electric bikes go?

Depending on the size of the motor, you can reasonably expect to go 20mph or more on an eBike. You can go even faster if you are pedaling along with the motor. It can be slower if you are heading up steep hills. What you can expect for sure is that you'll be flying past all the other bikers!

What is the range of an electric bike?

Range will depend on the size of you battery and how much you pedal. Manufactures usually list a range that assumes some pedaling. For example, a 20 mile range can shrink to 10 miles if you are not pedaling and going up a lot of hills. On the other hand, you can stretch that range to 30 miles if you dial back the throttle and pedal more. Generally speaking, a 48v battery will have more distance than a 36v battery. Remember, if you ever run out of battery, your eBike simply becomes a regular bike. Pedal to the nearest power outlet! 

Do I have to pedal?

Nope, the motor can power you without pedaling! However, pedaling is a good idea. Not only is it great exercise, pedaling will extend your range and speed. That said, its great fun to simply sit back and cruise sometimes! 

Do I need a special permit or driver's license to ride an electric bike?

It depends. We only sell bikes that do not require a driver's license in most states, but you should double check with your local DMV to be sure. For most areas in the U.S., a bike under 1000W does not require a license or insurance. 

What's the difference between size of batteries (36v or 48v?) and the size of the motor?

Think of the motor as the engine and the battery as the gas tank. The larger the Watts of the motor (abbreviated as "W") the faster and more powerful the bike will be. The size of the battery (measured in Volts or "V") will affect the range of the bike. A 48V battery will have a longer range than a 36V battery all else being equal. Not sure which one to get? Check out our buyer's guide.  

How much does shipping cost?
FREE SHIPPING to all 48 lower states! You can get more info on the shipping policy here.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?
No, we do not. We rely on standard carriers like FedEx and UPS, whom do not ship to PO Boxes

What is your return policy?
We do offer returns. If your bike is damaged you can either exchange the bike or get a refund. For other reasons please refer to our details here.

Does electric bikes come with a warranty?
All bikes are brand new and come with the manufacturer warranties and with our personalized customer service.

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