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X-Treme Rubicon 48V Lithium Powered Mountain Electric Bike

$1,899.00 $1,499.00

X-Treme Rubicon 48V Lithium Powered Mountain Electric Bike

The Rubicon is a high quality, powerful electric mountain bike. It’s 48v battery and 500 Watt motor allow you to easily reach speeds of 30 mph and climb steep hills. It has been tested climbing 5-7% mountain grade continuously for 45min at 18mph. It’s made of aluminum making it lightweight and rust free. It is also equipped with a Smart Pedal Assist system that allows it to operate twice as efficient as a regular ebike. This means you can reach or exceed 70 miles in range while pedaling. Combined with high end components like Tetko disc brakes and VELO hand grips and its mid-range price point, this is a great option for serious or recreational mountain bikers looking to go further and faster on trails.

Expert’s Take: This is the fastest ebike X-Treme makes and is packed with high quality components and features. If you’re looking for a mountain bike for trail riding that has high performance and quality, this is a great bike for you.

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