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X-Treme SierraTrails Electric Bike Affordable Step Through Pedal Assist/Twist Throttle Mountain Bike

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X-Treme SierraTrails Electric Bike Affordable Step Through Pedal Assist/Twist Throttle Mountain Bike

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The Sierra Trails is a step through frame design battery powered Electric Bicycle, running on a 300 Watt rear hub motor. The motor is completely sealed in the rear wheel and there are no moving parts visible to the rider. Made with all top of the line components this model includes a 7 Speed Shimano Tourney® Gears & Shifter System, 2 SLA E-Bike Batteries In A Sealed Pack, a 100% Steel Frame, fully Adjustable Seat, and 26 Inch wheels with Kenda brand tires. The step through frame design is a common option for ladies / women riders. While riding the driver can choose from 3 power options:
1. Twist the throttle and take off under electric power only.
2. Press the PAS button (Power Assist System) on the handlebar and the electric power will only kick in while you are pedaling. 3. Turn off the PAS system and simply pedal the bicycle like you would any other bicycle and ride with the power off. When you are ready for assistance, simply twist the right throttle grip and the power is there for you instantly. The Sierra Trails Electric Bicycle will travel up to 20 MPH for approximately 20 miles on a single charge and takes up to 4 hours to re-charge. (Charger included) The Sierra Trails is a perfect ladies electric bicycle. It's a great woman's electric bicycle because you step right through the frame instead of having to step over the cross bar of the frame like on a men's bike although men often purchase the step through version for easy of access. The step through frame makes it much easier for anyone to get the bicycle. Check out our Product Review of the X-Treme Sierra Trails Electric Bike

Key Benefits of X-Treme Sierra Trails Electric Bike:

  • Top speed of 20 MPH
  • Up to 20 miles on a single charge
  • Excellent price point of 649$ for a full size electric bike on the market
  • Easy to get on with Step Through Design
  • Enjoy the electric power assistance to ride effortless if wanted
  • Ride up hills like a pro
  • Stay in great shape while having fun by turning on/off the assistance as you go!
  • Environmental friendly vehicle, no carbon monoxide emanations
  • Cost Efficient: around $0.05 to run per mile compared to $0.50 for a car
  • Easy to recharge the battery
  • X-Treme has been selling electric bikes for over a decade
  • No Sales Taxes

Product Specifications:

  • E-Bike Class: Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
  • Motor: 300 Watts Brushless Hub Motor - Motor is in center of rear wheel
  • Frame: 100% Steel Frame / 18" - Step Through Design
  • Fork: Front Shocks
  • Tires/Wheels: 26" Kenda Tires
  • Gears & Speeds: 7 Speed Shimano Tourney® Gears & Shifter
  • Brakes: Front And Rear Brakes
  • Battery: (2) Sealed Lead Acid Batteries in Removable Battery Box Pack 24V 15AMP Circuit (each 12AMP)
  • Charger: Smart Charger Included
  • Head Light: LED Light Included (Battery Operated Clamp On)
  • Drive System: Rear Hub Motor (Motor Is In Rear Rim) + Pedal Power
  • Range: 15 to 20 miles per charge - can still pedal if charge is lost
  • Top Speed: 20 MPH
  • Display: Battery Life
  • Security: Key Locked On/Off Switch & Key Locked Battery Pack
  • Drive Types: Twist Throttle or Pedal & Power Assisted (PAS) or Pedal Only
  • E-Bike Dimensions: Wheel to Wheel 72", Adjustable Seat Height 33",
  • Carton Size (LxWxH): 54.5 X 8.5 X 27.5"
  • Shipping Weight: 76 Lbs
  • Bicycle Weight: 65 Lbs (With battery pack installed) Ready To Ride
  • Battery Weight: 21 Lbs (This is the weight of the battery pack if removed)
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 350 Lbs
  • Product #: 186097000366, 186097000779
  • Warranty: 90 Day Warranty - 6 Month Battery Warranty
  • Extras: FREE Tool Kit

Why buying this bike is an excellent value:

    Excellent value for the price: At $465.00 for a full size E-Bike, it's a bargain!

    Long range: Up to 20 miles of riding per charge, with a 4 hour battery charge time

    Strong battery and motor: No problem to get up hills with a 300 watt motor mated to a 7 Speed Shimano Gear Shifter

    LED Headlight included - Be seen when you ride at night

    Excellent Warranty - X-Treme has been doing business and providing support for over 10 years.


    90 Day Warranty on Parts, 6 Month Warranty on Battery

    NOTE: This bike comes mostly assembled. Wheel, handlebars + pedal attachment is required.

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